Window Coverings Sylmar

Window Coverings Sylmar

Window coverings have a significant impact on the visual appeal of a room. Areas in your home or office can be decorated wonderfully using gorgeous wall colors and tasteful furniture pieces. However, if the window coverings are out of place, tasteless, or even non-existent, the room’s beautiful interior will go down the drain. Window coverings create an unparalleled effect in shaping the atmosphere of a space. In Sylmar and its neighboring areas, the best window coverings Sylmar service is from Sylmar Upholstery.

For more than 35 years, Sylmar Upholstery has provided high-quality service and customer care to the people of Sylmar, CA. We employ only the best upholsterers, craftspeople, designers and experts who give their 100% to provide the needs of our clients. Whether it’s furniture upholstery or window coverings, you can expect to receive top-notch service from our people. You can count on us in helping you figure out the best window coverings – function and aesthetic wise –  for your home or office. Our design team can even customize covers for you.

A lot of people take window coverings for granted. They put them at the bottom of their priority list, not realizing their importance in terms of privacy and visual appeal. Our window coverings Sylmar service will put window coverings on top of your priority list.

Window Coverings Sylmar

Let me provide you with a quick primer on window coverings and how we at Sylmar Upholstery can help you choose the right covers for every spot in your home.

So, where do you start? Let’s disregard style considerations for a while. The first thing you need to prioritize is functionality. Not only will you be able to figure out the many uses and purposes of window coverings, but function also limits your choices in a good way. If you want covers that provide utmost privacy or total darkness, we recommend lined curtains. If you want natural light to filter through or if the primary purpose of the covering is decorative, unlined curtains will do.

Lined curtains are pricier than unlined ones, but they have other benefits you can’t get from the latter. For one, lined curtains can protect the fabric from sun damage, thus extending the curtain’s life span. The lining also adds weight, which can be useful to block drafts and can help the fabric fall more elegantly.

If you want a combination of maximum durability, insulation and light blockage, we recommend coverings with an interlining. Window coverings Sylmar services include adding special interlining to curtains. Our designers usually do this for custom-made coverings.

The next two factors you need to focus on are fabric and color. These two typically go hand in hand. What mood do you want the room to display? The fabric choice on the window coverings should also translate to the theme or “personality” of the space. For instance, if you’re aiming for a formal room, we recommend heavy silk and velvet as fabric options. Both exude an elegant look and are maintained using dry-cleaning only. For more practical options, we often suggest silky rayon blends and cotton sateen. Any cotton or cotton-blend fabric works well with any theme or decoration.

As for the fabric color, you must decide if you want the coverings to blend well with the room’s interior or if you wish them to be the central décor. If you opt for blending, we usually recommend choosing the same color as the wall paint, but a couple of shades darker. You can also decide to pick a non-dominant color in the room, like the color of the rug. Alternatively, if you want something that pops out, it’s better to choose bold colors. Take note that if you choose unlined curtains, the color of the coverings will pervade the room. From our experience, blue unlined coverings can be a bit eerie while pink ones can be cheery.

Regarding fabric prints and patterns, we follow a rule of thumb. If the room dominantly has patterned furniture pieces, rugs or beddings, we stick to solid window coverings. If you have solid-colored furniture pieces, rugs or beddings, we go for patterned or printed covers. If you want subtle details, we suggest small, neutral prints like tiny dots or a paisley design.

The next consideration on the list is the covering’s length. Part of our window coverings Sylmar service is determining how short or long the covers will be. Generally, floor-length is the best way to go, unless there’s a room heater or AC in the way. Short window coverings often look off and awkward, like high-waters.

We offer different approaches when it comes to the length of window coverings, but we provide two primary options: just hitting the floor, or slightly breaking on the floor. The former is a classic, tailored look. It’s what makes sense the most especially if you plan to open and close the coverings a lot, as they fall back into place once you move them. The window coverings should just or barely touch the floor. On the other hand, if you wish for a more stylish approach, slightly breaking on the floor is the way to go. Coverings with this length are more relaxed. But, they still look and feel tailored. This is a more forgiving style if you have uneven floors.

Rod choice is the next factor you need to think about. The rods used must relate to the style or theme of the room. If the rods are completely hidden, the selection can be made based on function alone. We offer several rods you can choose from: classic rods, return rods, track rods, tension rods, among others.

Classic rods have an adjustable pole that often has ornamental finials attached to the wall using brackets. Return rods have flexible U-shaded rods that can be screwed directly to the wall. Track rods have drapery hooks affixed to pulleys inside track. They can be installed on the ceiling or the wall. Tension rods are adjustable to fit in a window frame without any hardware.

Whatever window coverings you want, Sylmar Upholstery can be of assistance. From fabric selection to the actual installation, our window coverings Sylmar services are second to none. Visit our showroom to see more of our products and services.

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