Slipcovers Upholstery Sylmar

Slipcovers Upholstery Sylmar

Changing out furnishings and decorations every season is a daunting and expensive task. But there’s an easy way to make this home interior switch affordable and accessible – covering your furniture pieces with new slipcovers. With this approach, you can effortlessly and inexpensively transform the look and feel of any room. Slipcovers upholstery Sylmar service is what you need to make this happen.

Updating the interior of your home doesn’t have to make you broke. High-quality, well-fitted slipcovers can do the trick. Sylmar Upholstery has been handling this service for over 35 years now. I can assure you that whatever slipcover needs you have, we can provide. Our slipcovers upholstery Sylmar service is the best in the area because we make it a point to give our 110%. For over three decades, our company has provided upholstery, window treatment, and custom-made slipcover services in Sylmar and its neighboring areas.

Our team is composed of seasoned craftspeople, designers, and experts who will be with you at every stage of the process. We design slipcovers based on functionality and visual appeal. Our style experts will guide you in choosing the best slipcover designs to fit the mood or theme of your home interior. We provide the same level of service when selecting the best fabrics and materials to use for custom-made slipcovers.

To give you an idea of the services we provide, I’ll offer you some valuable guides and tips in choosing the best slipcover for your furniture pieces.Slipcovers Upholstery Sylmar

Let’s start with the size of the cover. Since these furniture covers come in a variety of sizes, it’s vital you have the correct furniture measurements. The thing is, not all homeowners can accurately take measurements of uneven objects like couches and chairs. One of our slipcovers upholstery Sylmar services is getting the measurements for you. This guarantees the slipcovers you’ll receive are well-fitted, which makes a big difference in both functionality and aesthetics. Custom-made slipcovers require the exact measurement of the furniture pieces. And even though approximate measurements will do for a more laid-back look, it’s still best to let an expert do it for you.

The next important factor you must consider is the style of the covers. In the past, slipcovers had a bad reputation because they were unsightly and unstylish. But these days, the perception about slipcovers has magnanimously changed. This is mainly because of high-quality, custom-made services like what we provide at Sylmar Upholstery. Today’s slipcovers are highly functional and fashionable. Our slipcovers upholstery Sylmar service includes determining which style best fits your furniture pieces. For instance, if you have a sofa with rounded arms and rectangular cushions, traditional style slipcovers are your best option. If you want a more contemporary look, particularly if you have wingback chairs and recliners, a custom-made slipcover is still the best way to go.

Sylmar Upholstery can design slipcovers that work best with any décor or style, regardless if you want a minimal look, a classic style or something that can be described as shabby chic. While traditionally styled slipcovers work best with traditionally-made furniture pieces, there’s no reason not to mix and match. If this is the design you want, our expert designers can create custom-made slipcovers to suit your requirements.

Well-fitted styles that tightly yet comfortably hug the furniture piece provide a seamless aesthetic. Not to mention, they pass the purpose of the slipcovers with flying colors as well. We also design additional details to further elevate the aesthetics of the covers. We can add contrasting welts or decorative trims to create more visual interest and emphasize the lines of your furniture pieces. Our slipcovers upholstery Sylmar service includes the choice of add-ons like buttons and laces. We have hundreds of options when it comes to tailored skirts, zippers, and buttons. Our latest designs also include covers with invisible zippers for more convenient use. If you don’t want zippers or buttons, we also provide stretchable materials that perfectly fit over the cushion.

Fabric and material selection comes next. Seasoned designers will tell you that the fabric used on slipcovers defines its style. And that’s true. Choosing the right fabric for your slipcovers is a vital step that can save you a lot of money in the future. Materials like heavy cotton duck, twill blend and canvas are the best choices for furniture pieces that get a lot of traffic. These types of materials are more inviting and comfortable because they often fit looser.

Form-fitting slipcovers offer a more contemporary and tailored appearance and are usually made from stretchy materials like spandex blend and micro-suede. Linen, silk, and wool are elegant to look at and soft to touch. However, they are usually high-maintenance (they need to be dry-cleaned regularly). But if you want to cover a furniture piece that is special or unique, it’s best to invest on a more delicate fabric.

If you want a slipcover that is easy to maintain and looks good, we suggest cotton, canvas or denim. All three are machine washable and come in different colors and patterns. They are also of medium weight, so they can be well-fitted and laid nicely.

Last but not the least is comfort. Regardless of which design you opt for, comfort is always a priority. This is particularly the case for furniture pieces that are regularly used. It’s also a smart idea to pick fabric that is skin-friendly. Our fabric experts can help you sift through the choices of hypoallergenic materials.

Slipcovers are available in different sizes, materials, colors and styles. This means you can get covers for every furniture piece you have at home or in the office. If you want something unique and custom-made though, choose our slipcovers upholstery Sylmar services. Custom-made products are typically pricier than off-the-rack items, but they are a lot better and sturdier.

Slipcovers  upholstery Sylmar  can instantly change the look and feel of any room. It’s a less expensive approach you should try. Hiring Sylmar Upholster to provide this service means ensuring you get only the best craftsmanship and customer care. Call us at 818-581-4651 for more details about our custom-made slipcovers. You may also send us an email at

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