Opting for furniture upholstery offers a lot of advantages as opposed to purchasing new ones. The first step to obtaining this myriad of benefits is choosing the right upholsterer. California is a hub of furniture upholstery providers. But, if you’re from Sylmar and its neighboring areas, there’s only one name you need when it comes to upholstering services: Sylmar Upholstery.

Being the top local upholstery service provider in Sylmar, our company never fails to provide top quality service and customer care. Sylmar Upholstery’s team of experts consists of seasoned craftspeople and professional designers who can handle whatever upholstery services you need. We design custom upholstery and reupholster furniture pieces regardless of how “hopeless” their condition is. We also refurbish antique furniture pieces, restore old furniture and customize window treatments and shades. We cater to both residential and commercial clients.

Sylmar  Upholstery is a strong advocate of choosing upholstered furniture pieces over brand-new ones for many practical reasons:

Upholstered furniture can be customized. Do you have a look or style in mind for a couch, but can’t seem to find it in furniture shops? It can be frustrating to go from one store to another just to find “the one” – that specific design that you can’t seem to shake out of your mind. You don’t have to go through a roller coaster ride of hope and disappointment every time you go to a furniture store. Instead, have the sofa custom-made. Contact Sylmar Upholstery and get the specific look or style you want. With the right materials and fabrics, plus the expertise of our designers, we can create the design or style you want.

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Upholstered furniture pieces provide a brand-new look. At times, homeowners want to replace their furniture not because they are old or sagging, but because they want to change their home interior. If you’re on the same boat, opting for upholstered furniture is a much better choice – and definitely more cost-effective. With new upholstery fabric, your furniture pieces will look brand new. With our vast collection of materials and fabrics, we can help you update your old furniture to suit the new theme or style of your home.

Upholstered furniture pieces bring luxury and comfort. More than improving the furniture’s aesthetics, upholstered pieces have new padding’s or cushions. This means you’ll get furnishings that will make you as comfortable or as luxurious as you want. If you let us customize your upholstery, Sylmar Upholstery will also help you choose the best type of padding’s or cushions that meet your standards.

Upholstered furniture pieces are generally environment-friendly. Are you aware that it usually takes 1000x more carbon dioxide to build a new furniture piece as opposed to refurbishing it? Furniture upholstery is more Eco-friendly. It’s one way to help care for Mother Nature.

Upholstered furniture pieces enable you to be as stylish or as creative as you want. Upholstering can also mean acquiring slipcovers for the many chairs you have at home. Slipcovers can help you instantly change the look and feel of any part of your home. This is particularly helpful if you change your home decor per season or holiday. This way, you don’t have to shell out tons of money replacing your furniture pieces when you can just get customized slipcovers.

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Speaking of fabric, it’s one of the key elements of upholstery. Whenever I talk to potential clients, it’s unanimously one of their priorities. And it’s easy to understand why. Fabric choice is a critical stage in upholstery. Each fabric – leather, silk, velvet, cotton, etc. – has its set of pros and cons. However much you like the look of a textile, visual appeal is but just one of the many factors you need to consider. Here are some tidbits I always share with our clients when choosing the right fabric for their furniture.

Start with durability. Speak with one of our fabric experts to help you choose the best and most durable material that will suit y