Reupholstery Sylmar

Reupholstery Sylmar

Reupholstery Sylmar

When your much-loved, much-used sofa starts to sag and gets uncomfortable, your first consideration is likely to replace it with a brand new couch. While purchasing a new sofa can be exciting, it can also put a dent in your savings. Instead of shopping for a new piece, why not try furniture reupholstery? If you’re from Sylmar, CA or its neighboring areas, reupholstery Sylmar services is what you need.

Reupholstered furniture is an excellent way to make the most out of the solid structure and construction of old furniture pieces. With the help of an expert upholsterer, your old, worn-out sofa can be transformed into something “new.” Let me stress that again – expert upholsterer.

You’ll find a lot of upholstery service providers in California, but not everyone can claim (and prove) themselves as experts. With Sylmar Upholstery, you can be assured that everyone is a connoisseur of anything upholstery-related. For over 35 years, we’ve provided upholstery and reupholstery Sylmar services to various clients. Our team is composed of professional craftspeople, specialty furniture designers, fabric experts and customer care specialists. Our aim is to provide each one of our clients with a service second to none.

Reupholstery is not an easy task. The process requires several elaborate and thoughtful steps. We’ll basically strip your furniture piece to its bare bones, and then reconstruct everything to make it brand new.  We restore, rebuild, refurbish, remake and reupholster furniture pieces using US-made materials and fabrics. Reupholstery Sylmar services also include a lifetime guarantee.

When you want to change the interior of your home (or office), you have two options: buy new furniture pieces or upgrade your old furniture through reupholstery. Most homeowners choose the former just because they are not aware of the many benefits of reupholstered furniture. If you’re one of these people, let me enlighten you on what makes reupholstery Sylmar services great.

Reupholstering old furniture is often cheaper than buying new ones. More importantly, you get to keep the furniture that you can’t part with. It’s a win-win situation – practically and emotionally. Furniture reupholstering is also an efficient and eco-friendly way to bring back a furniture piece to its former glory.

The thing with upholstery is that it’s not restricting at all. If there are limitations, an expert upholsterer from Sylmar Upholstery can find a roundabout way to fix the problem. We offer a vast variety of materials and fabrics, not to mention our expertise. All you need to bring on the table is your idea on the style or look you want.

If you’re fond of changing your home interior, reupholstering your furniture is more cost-effective than buying new ones. You can acquire custom made slipcovers for every season or holiday so you can instantly change the mood and feel of any room. Reupholstery is also the “best friend” of anyone who has worn-out furniture with sentimental value attached to it. An expert upholsterer can restore the piece, giving it a new lease on life and an upgraded look.

Here are some more benefits of reupholstery Sylmar services that I always impart with our clients.

With reupholstery, you can save money. Let’s keep it real: you can certainly buy new furniture pieces for less money, but can you guarantee their quality? Most cheap furniture pieces are factory-made and mass-produced. As such, they have inferior quality compared to made-to-order pieces created by expert upholsterers. Alternatively, high-quality furniture pieces displayed in furniture stores cost an arm and a leg. In this case, isn’t it better – and more economical – to get your old furniture piece reupholstered? Either way, reupholstery Sylmar service is still a better option.

Reupholstered furniture also means being part of the process from the get-go. Sure, you can choose the fabric color and design of a factory-made furniture piece, but only if you find the one you’re looking for. Often, if you shop for a sofa or a bed, you have limited design and color options. In the end, you choose the best out of the choices presented to you.

With reupholstery, you can choose the materials and fabrics we’ll use from the beginning. This means you have a say in every stage of the process. With the help of our fabric expert, we’ll assist you in picking out the best fabric design and color to suit your needs. You don’t just have a dozen or fewer options – with our vast library of materials and fabrics; you’ll get thousands of choices. The selections you make will help us bring out the best out of your old furniture piece. With your help, we can tailor the restoration to fit the décor or theme of your home.

Reupholstery is one way of preserving the great, old ones. Another reality check: old furniture pieces are made to last. But the new ones? Not so much. This is true with just about every product in the market today – not just furniture. We now live in a disposable world. But this hasn’t always been true. Long ago, every piece of furniture created was made to last – which is why you most likely have an antique piece or two you’d want to restore. Think of our reupholstery Sylmar service like an investment. We’ll restore old furniture pieces so you’ll have them for a long time, and perhaps, pass them on as a family heirloom in the future.

Reupholstering is good for the environment. This may not be on top of your list, but reupholstered furniture piece is more environmental-friendly than a modern, store-bought one. When you ask us to reupholster your sofa, chair or bed, we’re essentially repurposing an item that, otherwise, might be dumped to a landfill.

With reupholstery benefits here and there, it’s also important to note that not all kinds of old furniture pieces can be restored. This is something you can trust the Sylmar Upholstery team with – honesty and integrity. Upon critical inspection, if your item is beyond repair or restoration, we’ll give you the reasons why right away. But, if your piece of furniture is salvageable, we’ll do everything we can to restore and make it “brand new”, even if it looks like a hopeless case from your end.

For all your reupholstery Sylmar needs or inquiries, call us at 818-581-4651. You can also send us an email us at for more information.

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